Thursday, 29 September 2011

Please Excuse Me

Not like I have a huge following or anything, but anyway. So, a quick catch up here. Nearly every day I've thought about this blog sitting here neglected. Oh well, family first. The last month has been spent gardening, canning, sewing, traveling, being a mommy, nursing my baby, changing two diaper babies, pulling up rug and painting floors, umm what did I miss? Oh, housework and laundry!  So with nursing I still get to sit by the computer and keep up with everyone else's blogs but not so much keep up with mine.

My 'first set' of children (as I like to call them) started school on the 15th so everything is starting to slow down around here. That leaves me at home with the 'second set', my two year old and five month old. I've been gathering fabric, won two giveaways, and I feel ready to go.

Unfortunately, I committed to the ATS quiltalong just before we went into this frenzy of preserving and what not. So sorry, Jennifer and Sara, I've loved watching everybody else but I have to bow out. Great job of  detailed posts and easy to follow instructions.

This is lengthy enough for now. More to follow soon. (with pics)