Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I'm Committed!


Well, I dropped the ball and got it rolling! I sent out an email to interested customers concerning an upcoming quilt class that I plan to teach. I'm a little behind my projected dates because of several events (including my grandmother's passing at the beginning of the month}but better late than never!

The current plan is to meet in the back of my quilt shop in Fort Vermilion. I have a fair bit of space and I think it's a place to start and get a feel for how much room we require. The evenings I've picked to start with are February 5, 12, 21, & 26. We'll meet up around seven and see how things go, possibly shutting down around ten. I'm very open to feedback, as I want to make this work for those interested.

So the technique I've chosen to start with is a half square triangle trick. Each participant will take a layer cake of their choice and sew all the squares to each other, face to face, resulting in 21 blocks. We will then lay them on our cutting mats and cut them twice diagonally. This gives you four 6-1/2 blocks. Then each person will have to decide how random or how precise they wish to lay it out before sewing it back together.

Over the Christmas holidays I hosted a family sewing day at my house, and showed this technique to two of my favorite nieces . They caught on really quick and it was good practice for me to get a little feel of how this course might actually go. Jamie completed hers and left it for me to quilt, and Carley took hers home to finish.

I did one myself in late fall. I used  a Ticklish layer cake, which has such fun girly colors that really popped with this all over randomness.

The picture is really bad as my camera lens is scratched but you get the  idea.
I am in the process of quilting Jamie's but as soon as I'm done I'll post a photo of hers as well.

If you live in our area or know someone who does, please spread the word about the upcoming course. Everyone needs to bring a working sewing machine and basic tools. Email me at byathreadquilts@gmail.com or call my cell at 780-247-3160 for a complete list. The fee for the course is $20 payable before the course starts, and all supplies and fabric purchased at By A Thread Quilt Shop for this course receive a 15% discount!