Friday, 19 April 2013

Some serious catch up

This is the first in a series of blog posts, featuring some of the things I have been busy with the last few months. I have missed some of my projects because of not having a camera, but we'll see what we can do. I will also be posting all the exciting things that have been happening in the shop. Firstly, we moved into a newly renovated space in the shop, just in time for our weekly quilt class. It was really nice to be able to have our class right by the shop instead of at the other end of the store. It's really only temporary though because of another venture we are hoping to add to the back of our building. Here are some of the first quilt tops put together by our talented ladies that faithfullly come each Thursday evening, rain or shine (or blizzard, Loretta! ;))!!!
Ticklish layer cake, pieced and hand quilted by Leona
Snap Pop layer cake, pieced by Loretta

Bungle Jungle, pieced and hand quilted by Loretta

Boho layer cake, pieced by Lucille

Sassy Layer cake, pieced by me

Boho layer cake, pieced by Leona

Most of those got hand quilted in  a quilting bee we had at our local fire hall where my husband is deputy chief. We are waiting for a few to catch up and then we will have an evening of sewing binding on by machine and hand stitching it to the back.

Next up: Jelly Roll Race Quilts! Very fun to watch these come together!

One evening when we were waiting for others to catch up and what not, a few of us made some nifty twister pot holders. They also await binding and finishing. I hope to feature a tutorial on that here soon as well.

That may be enough for now. Up next: Our current project, and more! Thanks for reading!