Sunday, 2 March 2014

I'm Super Psyched!

I have very exciting news! Here's the back story.  Back in November I attended a quilt show in Nisku, AB at the Nisku Inn. There were many amazing quilts by very talented quilters from all over the province. Sparrow Studioz from Edmonton had a booth set up right at the door way  into the quilt judging gallery. They are the North American distributor for APQS quilting machines. As I was browsing their display a flyer caught my attention. Judi Madsen coming to Edmonton! What??!! I did a double take.  C'mon. Seriously?  I have long been following Judi's blog, Green Fairy Quilts, I have shopped from their store, and I have contributed to their Romania quilt drives, and just altogether adored her magnificent quilting.   There really is no way she can come to Edmonton and I won't go??!! It took me a little while to truly commit 'cause it is six hundred cold hard dollars, non refundable, but I bit the bullet, and I'm going!!!!

So to clarify:   I am going to Edmonton April 8 & 9 to learn how to long arm from a master quilter!

Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts, from St. George, Utah!!!

Can you tell I'm super excited? I never use this many exclamation marks!!!!

Updated to add:
So I spent two days at Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton, learning and having fun with none other than Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts! Sometimes I still can't believe it happened, and its as far in the past now as it was in the future when I was anticipating!  Wouldn't it be nice sometimes to just freeze certain days and make them last a little longer....  I learned so much, and while I don't plan to quilt show quilts, and I certainly don't have clients that are willing to pay for such efforts, it was awesome to learn new techniques. It made me step out of my comfortable box and try things I had never tried before.

Jelly Roll Race, Plus Sign Quilt, and so on...

I've decided to use this blog as a place to catalogue my quilting adventures and not worry about how often I post. Here are two of the jelly roll race quilts my ladies did: 

Here is another one I did last summer. I'd been eyeing up the plus sign quilt for some time and this is my version:

Wow, these pictures make me long for summer!  We've been having -40 celsius here for the last few days. Yesterday morning it was actually -44 degrees!  Very, very, very cold! Thank God for warm houses and dependable vehicles. March definitely came in like a lion so here's hoping it goes out like a lamb. Take care and stay warm!