Tuesday, 27 December 2011

After Christmas Catch Up

Merry Christmas to one and all!
Hope it was joy filled and happy!

We spent Saturday, the 24th at home with our children. We did things a little different this year. As a child my family had a tradition we called 'cumin up shtaln', which loosely translated, means, 'setting up bowls'. This just simply meant that we all put our special bowl at our place at the table before we went to bed. In the morning we'd have candy, oranges, peanuts, and small gifts in these bowls, while our larger gifts were on the floor behind our chairs. I decided to carry this on with our children. They had a great time with this idea! I also had a bit of timeline to keep things moving. While the baby and the two year old napped we played Firefighter Monopoly with our older two. Great memories to cherish forever.

             Christmas day was spent with my husbands family. I created this piece for my mother in law:

It's a mini quilt/table topper type of thing. I found the pattern in the book Country Threads goes to Charm School. I tell ya, working with those small pieces was just as much work as any big quilt I've ever made!

                         I made this set for my sister in law, along with a Pampered Chef pizza stone.

I will post some pics of the quilt I made for my husband in my next post. I also plan to change the name of my blog here very shortly before my following gets any bigger! More on that next time.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sewing Room: Occupied

Well, once again, much water has passed under the bridge since my last post. I have a lot to say, but I'll break it up into a few posts so as not to bore you to much. I came across the Occupy your Sewing Room challenge at Sew Much 2 Luv a week ago, and as I was planning to sew this week anyway, I decided to join in! There are awesome prizes to be won when you link up your projects. So here are some of the things I did this week:

This quilt is basted with backing. It just needs to be quilted and bound. This was a quilt kit I picked up at Quiltworks Studio in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. It's the owl line by AdornIt.  Super cute and fun!
It will probably be a baby gift next spring.

I also need to sew Christmas dresses for my ten year old. It's been awhile and she's in a huge growing stage so I decided to quick sew a few patterns with not so important fabric before I just go ahead and cut into our Christmas fabric so here's one of the dresses:

She wore this one to school the next day! She loves the little yo-yo button accent. Very quick and easy pattern. Need to cut the next one a little bigger under the arms. I cut out two more. My MIL took one and sewed it together, but we don't have it back yet. The other one is still laying in pieces by my sewing machine. So, next Friday evening is our school Christmas program. Gotta get the real dress done!

I also sandwiched and finished a quilt for my significant other but it's to be a gift so that picture will have to wait. Thank you for visiting my blog. It really added an enjoyable dimension to my sewing this week to know that I was doing this Occupy challenge. Merry Christmas to you and yours!