Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

A very special thing happened on February 13 in the year 1957. A small baby girl was born who grew up to be none other than my mother. Without her, I would not be here, neither would my six siblings or our many offspring.  Because of choices she made in her life, I have a personal relationship with Jesus, a wonderful husband and a stable Christian home in which to raise our four children.

It is my mother that has been there for me not only every time I came out of yet another c-section with a healthy baby, but also when I had to labor for hours to deliver our tiny little stillborn angel. She never left my side.

My mom has weathered hard times along with the good. She taught us, often by example, to laugh when it seemed the only recourse was to cry.  My dad worked away all week, leaving mom to figure out how to train, discipline, love and give each of her seven children the attention every child needs.

On top of all that she actively participated in the car pool to get
many of us to the private school we attended.

She loved to play games with us and one of my favorite memories is frying eggs at two o'clock in the morning while playing Oilman!
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

This post could go on and on. Let's not forget to "give them the roses while they live"  So many times you hear someone say, 'I wish I had told them while they were still with me.'  Take a moment today to let someone know how much they really do mean to you.  Oh I know life gets in the way and we don't always see eye to eye. But don't lose sight of the big picture.

So today I want to honor my mother for being who she is
and to wish her another 55 years!

I love you Mom!

(Tomorrow I'll post a pic of what I made for her)


  1. Beautiful!!! Happy birthday to your mom too! :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Praise the LORD Lisa for meeting another Sister in Christ! Keep up your weight loss! I've lost 43 pounds since Oct 27th~ I have more to lose, but am also starting to walk more now that the weather is better~ ♥♥♥


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