Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sliced Moda Bakeshop Entry

I decided to take the challenge put forth by Moda Bakeshop. We were all given a list of items that had to be used in some kind of  accessory for an office or studio. Well, I scratched my head and figured and looked around and decided what I needed was a hard side box to keep my rotary cutters and small templates and rulers in by my cutting mat.

Here are a few progress shots:

I used a candy bar by Modern Workshop for Moda. On the inside I used Dots by Sandy Gervais. I put a buckle on the front to hold it closed and I used a length of Moda ribbon from around a jelly roll to thread through the buckle. And this is the finished product: (drumroll please)

I had fun doing some free motion quilting on it. I did a different design on every side. My husband bent up a piece of aluminum for me in the welding shop, which I then inserted into my fabric. This design includes a bit of hand sewing, but I wasn't sure how else to close it all with the rigid aluminum inside.  This is kind of last minute but I just squeaked under the wire! Go to the flickr page to see all the other awesome entries. Good luck everybody!

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