Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January FMQ challenge

This is my first blog post participating in the FMQ challenge over at SewCalGal. If you've always wanted to learn 'someday', maybe your someday has arrived! Be sure to click on the link on my sidebar and go see what the buzz is all about.

Well, I really didn't practice this to much. I honestly can't say that I see myself ever really using this motif, but it still helped me practice curves and deciding where to go next with this particular design. My first attempt looks pretty childish, but I'm not so sure my final is so much better!
This is my first try at it

And here's my final go.
Definitely different sizes of leaves, and maybe to close together? This just doesn't speak to me, but I feel it turned out all right. I'm excited to see what next month holds for us.

(If I'm not careful my seven year old son and ten year old daughter will get better at FMQ than I am! I really will have to show you some of their works sometime!)

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