Thursday, 19 January 2012

Week 2. How did I do?

This post is a day late. I've tried hard this week. I have to say that I have courage for the days ahead. I tried to cut out all sweets this week and really watched my portion sizes. I also need to drink more water.
Here's how I did.

Weight Loss Goal: 70 lbs
Week's Loss: 2 lbs 
Total Loss:  2 lbs
Distance to Goal:  68 lbs
Week's Workouts:  Walked 12 miles
Total Time Exercising:  3 hours
 Highlight of the Week:   I managed to work out every day except Saturday with a bad head cold, and Tuesday my husband's birthday. Very very exhilarating. I need to keep on.

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  1. How did you do? You did GREAT! Well done on the 2lbs loss. You've made a wonderful start (go you with all that exercise!). Hope you are having another fantastic week. :)


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