Monday, 9 January 2012

Sewing Space Update

I just want to share with you all what my husband busied himself with during his holidays. I recently moved downstairs with my sewing so that my little girl would play down there with her toys. Seems she (naturally) wants to be where Mom is. So here is a before and after picture of one wall in my space:



He built the crates seperately and installed them to my request. He has a bunch more slats ready to go when he gets time again. I'm absolutely loving it. I just wanna sit in there and bask in the serenity!

Now, to keep up with keeping the toys out, and cleaning up after myself!

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  1. Maybe you could just pick 2-3 toys that are ONLY in the sewing room/area? These toys don't leave and others don't come in...unless YOU choose to substitute. When my kids were little they like to be around me when I sewed and there were quiet things they could do. One thing I did was to cover the side of an old box with black felt. Then I cut some simple triangles, squares and rectangles out of some of my scraps. They really like to create "pictures" out of them. There was a clear shoebox sized container that it all went back into.

    But, this was back when there were no DS or electronic games. =P




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